Content Marketing


What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy deployed by companies that do business online. It involves creating and distributing valuable and free content to attract and engage a clearly defined target audience to turn them into customers. Keeping content fresh, free, and relevant encourages return visits, which are opportunities to turn customers into repeat customers. Relevant content means the information presented is closely related to the products or services that your company sells. When content marketing services provide value to your customers because it is informational, educational, and reliable, it will encourage return visits, ultimately establishing a productive and mutually beneficial relationship.


Is Content Marketing Right for Your Business?

Quality content that provides information about your brand, product, or service boosts your visibility in a competitive and crowded market. A consistent schedule of content delivery builds brand recall while building brand loyalty. By delivering fresh content to your target audience, you give them more reasons to visit your site and establish a relationship of trust with you in the process.

When your audience perceives value in your content, various outcomes follow, starting with enhanced brand awareness. Your target market may be drawn to your brand due to your primary product or service. Let your content show the type of after-market support that your company offers, and you will stoke brand loyalty. Content that is informational in a way that helps customers optimize the value of their investment in your product establishes your position as an authority and a trustworthy source.

Inbound marketing strategies provide a gold mine of leads for the savvy marketer. Content that draws traffic to your site improves lead generation tremendously based on the law of averages alone. More click-through events mean more visitors, and more visitors lead to greater chances of attracting prospective customers. Likewise, customer engagement through forum participation, surveys, and social media shares builds website traffic. With more information at their disposal and interaction with other potential customers, your prospective customer may be encouraged to decide to buy sooner rather than later.

When it comes to content distribution, success breeds even more success. By adding new optimized content to your website regularly, you increase the search engine visibility for your website. If you include long-tail keywords in your content that your customers are frequently searching for, your content is more like to show up in a Google search. Quality content that is indexed by search engines increases your website’s ranking on SERPs and the chances that your site ranks for specific queries


Content Marketing Services

Content Strategy is a fundamental part of your content marketing program. Surprisingly, less than half of B2C companies have written documentation of their content strategy. Content strategy defines your goals and provides for a way to measure the impact of content marketing on your business. The plan lays out the SEO strategies, social media engagement, and resources required for a successful campaign. A documented content marketing strategy influences effectiveness (58% of the most effective B2C marketers have a documented content marketing strategy).

Content Development efforts should focus on the delivery of quality content that provides value to your customers and to your business. Customer Insight Group, as your content marketing agency, develops content that is relevant to your brand and your customer’s needs while positioning your business as a credible and dependable customer-focused source. Aside from the informational value, the content is aligned with your SEO efforts.

Content Distribution gets eyes on your content and drives action. Based on your audience, we deploy a mix of distribution strategies to produce quality traffic and drive page views. We integrate your SEO and social media strategies. To expand the reach of your content, Customer Insight Group uses a mix of both paid and free distribution tools. Additionally, email marketing remains an effective option to repurpose your content for greater ROI.

Content Marketing Results provide a clear picture of the impact of content marketing on your goals and business processes. Studies show less than half of marketers measure the ROI of their content marketing efforts. We fall into the 50% that measure ROI. Customer Insight Group sets measurable goals for your content, and evaluate traffic analytics (engagement, site visits, page views), lead generation, customer conversions, sales, and ROI.

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