Cause Marketing is a Win-Win For Everyone

You might expect that cause marketing would be the kind of intangible, feel-good advertising to get axed in a recession. Instead, quite the opposite is true, as major marketers, from brands such as Nike, Starbucks, and Uber to consumer package goods brands such as Dove, Gillette and P&G find that cause marketing efforts help persuade weary consumers to spend. It’s a win-win for everyone, no matter what side of the cash register you stand.

If this is your first foray into cause marketing, you need to get your footing. Can you integrate cause marketing into your customer retention and loyalty strategy? Health, education, and environment are the top three causes consumers care about. What type of cause will resonate with your customers? Start finding the answers to your questions with our strategic exploration to help you to determine if cause marketing is right for your business, and the best approach to take to achieve your business objectives.

Our proprietary Cause Marketing Navigator engagement is two-fold, including:

Cause Marketing Exploration Workshop highlights trends within your industry, spotlights best practices, and brings to light issues specific to your company and your business objectives.

Consulting Assessment encompasses all the major points in determining how to implement cause marketing within your loyalty efforts, including:

  • Top strategy insights
  • Major design and implementation considerations
  • Milestones in the journey of creating a cause marketing program
  • Strategic options and go/no-go recommendations

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