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5 Nonprofit Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips Proven to Maximize Results Raising money for a nonprofit can be a daunting task. While acquiring grants will keep the wheels turning for some time, developing donor relations and stewardship strategies are the best idea if your organization intends to meet its objectives. Yes, it is, easier said than done. An organization will Read more…

5 Email Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Email Marketing Best Practices A common form of internet marketing is email marketing. Email marketing is the practice of sending emails to potential and current donors to inform them and build a personal relationship with them. For nonprofit organizations, email continues to be an effective tactic.¬†Email messaging has accounted for 26 percent of all Read more…

Top Nonprofits on Instagram & What They are Doing Right

How Charities are Using Instagram A picture speaks a thousand words, and Instagram allows nonprofits to speak the worth of millions of words. Every time organizations post, it makes a lasting statement; so, who is doing it right? How can this process be duplicated to ensure organizational success? The best way to outline the means Read more…