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Foursquare launches “Magnetic Marketing” Feature with Promoted Updates

Dominant geo-location app Foursquare announced recently the launch of its new magnetic marketing, promoted updates feature. With 20 pilot partners including the ubiquitous service chains of Hilton Hotels, Walgreens, Lowes and Best Buy, Foursquare hopes to use a detailed algorithm assessing your interests to suggest special services, deals and products within easy walking or driving Read more…

What Starbucks Can Teach You About Location-based Marketing

Many companies have the issue of reaching the correct audience intended for their message. However, Starbucks has joined forces with the mobile network O2 and has come up with a way to target exactly who they want at the ideal time. With this new idea, customers can opt-in to receive discounts and coupons to Starbucks Read more…

Important Aspects and Opportunities of Geolocation Marketing

The use of geolocation marketing is in the wind like never before, and many companies are taking advantage of the great marketing it can provide. With applications like Foursquare, Gowalla, Whrrl, and MyTown, companies can easily connect with users to market their business. In August of 2010, Facebook enhanced their service by adding Places as Read more…