Boulder B2B Marketers Discover How to Wield the Power of Social Media

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Mary Shaw 303.422.9758
Customer Insight Group, Inc.

Denver (October 15, 2012) — When 52% of US small businesses don’t feel other businesses are marketing to them effectively, and 46% feel they’re being “sold” to instead of “spoken” to, it might be time to integrate social media into your B2B strategy. Sallie Burnett, President of Customer Insight Group, a leading strategic marketing firm renowned for its ability to help companies engage, keep and grow profitable customer relationships, will enlighten members of the Boulder Marketing Group at their October 25 meeting with insight into why B2B marketers still struggle with social media, and provide answers and direction on how they can use social media to meet their specific B2B goals.

B2B Social Media Marketing Proven Strategies and Tips

“It’s often easier for B2C marketers to wrap their heads around how they can make social media a viable part of their marketing strategy,” explains Burnett. “B2B marketers struggle in pinpointing the right social media channels that make sense within the B2B landscape.” It starts with a new business model that defines marketing objectives in an updated and more relevant manner, then tracks and precisely measures progress and makes quick adjustments to the plan along the way.

Sallie will share the six big social media mistakes that are made by B2B marketers, and then explain in detail how to avoid them based on her many years of hands-on social media experience. Much of overcoming those challenges will focus on shifting from doing social media to being social within your marketing.

Sallie’s expertise in the field of social media marketing and her strategic approach to the ever-changing landscape of customer communication, along with her current status as a Daniels Faculty member in the subject of digital marketing, made her an obvious choice to present at this exploration of digital marketing.


Customer Insight Group is a leading strategic marketing firm that helps companies engage, keep and grow profitable customer relationships. Their expertise lies in helping companies assess and improve customer strategy to achieve measurable business objectives. Services include: comprehensive loyalty audits, social media customer engagement programs and innovative loyalty programs.