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Consumers Want Value, Relevance and Control of Inbox

Consumers will actively ensure they receive emails from companies they know will provide them with value, relevance and control over frequency of communication. Merkle 2009 View from the Inbox study shows that:

A Bigger “Inner Circle”: The Inner Circle is a term to describe the companies that a consumer chooses to receive emails from. For the past six years, this number held steady at nine. Today, the new average is ten, signaling that subscribers’ capacity for brand engagement via email is expanding slightly.

Add Me to Your Contacts: Slightly more than half (53%) of consumers have added at least one company to their address books to ensure that emails land in their inboxes.

Not Relevant? No Thanks: Subscribers who opt-out of permission email cite that these emails lack relevance (75%) or are sent too frequently (73%).

Not So Fast: Slightly over half of respondents said that they were less willing to sign-up for email communications when compared to just a few years ago – showing that they are exercising caution. To grow their subscriber lists organically, marketers must continue to emphasize the value of their emails to consumers.

Common Disconnect: An inverse relationship exists between the emails that are valued by consumers, such as transaction-related confirmations (64%) and account summaries (55%), and the quantities that they receive, such as news alerts (20%) and offers (18%).

Download the full report: View From the Inbox 2009