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Choice Hotels Launches #VacayGoneCrayCray Social Media Contest


Choice Hotels International in introducing a summer promotion in honor of its 75th anniversary called #VacayGoneCrayCray, which will award one participant a $10,000 grand prize for a vacation do-over on a past trip gone awry.

Popular YouTube entertainers Rhett & Link have signed on to judge the competition. Participants can submit their entry for most extreme vacation misadventures to their Youtube channel or the microsite set up by Choice Hotels. Rhett & Link will reenact the terrible vacations on their YouTube channel.

“Every traveler has a story about a vacation or business trip that didn’t necessarily go according to plan,” Robert McDowell, senior vice president of marketing and distribution at Choice Hotels, said in a press release. “Through the #VacayGoneCrayCray contest, Choice Hotels can help turn those crazy misadventures back into positive memories.”

The entry deadline to partake in the contest is Aug. 27. The winners will be announced in September.

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[Source: Choice Hotels]

Infographic: Statistics that Prove the Value of Content

Did you know that 61% of consumers feel better about a company that delivers custom content?  Social media is all about dialogue — conversations taking place online 24/7 with countless numbers of people involved, potentially all over the world. The stats below show the importance and value of content:


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Infographic: Pinterest Stats Brands Should Know About

Since its launch in March of 2010, Pinterest has shown explosive growth and there are no signs of it slowing down. Here’s some stats that retailer’s should know about Pinterest.

  • Pinterest generates 4x more revenue (per click) than Twitter. [Tweet this stat]
  • Pins are said to drive 2 site visits and 6 page views, on average, while generating more than 10 repins. [Tweet this stat]
  • 47% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from Pinterest. [Tweet this stat]
  • Pinterest generates 27% more revenue (per click) than Facebook. [Tweet this stat]
  • Over 80% of pins are repined. [Tweet this stat]
  • Call-to-Action pin descriptions see an 80% increase in engagement. [Tweet this stat]
  • Pinterest accounts for 25% of all retail referral traffic. [Tweet this stat]
  • Conversion rates for Pinterest traffic are 50% higher than conversion rates from other traffic. [Tweet this stat]
  • Pinterest referrals spend 70% more than visitors from non-social channels including search. [Tweet this stat]



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Latest Digital Marketing News: Off Broadway Shoes Adds Sparkle to Social Media

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Highlighted below are some of the latest Digital Marketing emerging trends, articles, research and news we found share-worthy.

On a nice spring day early in 2009, Starbucks launched its mobile card app in 16 stores.  It was so successful it rapidly expanded the program nationwide by allowing consumers to pay by letting patrons display a barcode to be scanned at the point of sale. Read more


Social media has evolved into more than just another advertising channel for retailers to showcase their products. Read more

The social network says it will serve more videos to users who tend to watch videos. That’s a growing number of consumers, because twice as many people watch videos on Facebook than did so just six months ago. Read more

Looking to capitalize on its partnership with Sony Pictures to promote the feature film “Sparkle,” footwear retailer Off Broadway Shoes wanted to improve its social media and email fan base. Read more

Since most consumers are mobile users, brands have a great opportunity to incentivize shoppers or even gamify the experience. Read more


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Domino’s Social Media Giveaway – Win Free Pizza for One Year

[Source: Restaurant News]Dominos-Pizza-to-Offer-Free-Pizza-for-a-Year-through-Social-Media-Giveaway

Domino’s Pizza is partnering with gamification provider Quikly to give one customer free pizza for a year. Consumers can register for the Fan Perks giveaway beginning June 24, and participate in the giveaway that will take place at a time designed to surprise Domino’s customers.

To join in the giveaway, customers can visit Domino’s Facebook or Twitter page and click on the link to register for the giveaway through the time the giveaway begins. Once the giveaway begins, customers who have registered will receive a text message or email (depending on the notification method they select during registration) with a link to the giveaway site. The faster customers click through to claim their reward, the better their reward will be. The fastest person will be rewarded with free pizza for a year (in the form of $500 in Domino’s gift cards). In addition, Domino’s will award more than $100,000 in e-gift cards to 50,000 other consumers who click through to claim their rewards.

Customers can share details of the giveaway with their friends through Facebook, Twitter and email for a chance to receive a “heads up” notice of when the Quikly offering will go live. The “heads up” notice will be awarded to those customers whose friends also register for the giveaway.


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L’Oreal’s Virtual Makeup App

[Source: BizJournals]

L'Oreal_Makeup_GeniusL’Oreal Paris is releasing Makeup Genius, an app that allows you to try on 300 color cosmetics from its virtual shelves by turning your iPhone or iPad camera into a make-up mirror.

By using a snapshot of your face taken on your smartphone or iPad, and carefully applying your selected shadow, rouge or lipstick in all the right places by recognizing the difference between the skin on your eyes, lips and face, and with navigation from the L’Oréal Makeup Genius map which points out 64 places on the face. Plus it also works on all ethnicities, allows for 400 lighting situations, and you can tilt your face backwards and forwards as if you’re looking in a mirror.

“We believe that one of the major trends to come concerns the virtual reality experience, which will offer consumers a new and effective way of trying products, learning how to use them and personalize them, with unparalleled results for the consumer,” said Cyril Chapuy, president of L’Oréal Paris International.

The cosmetics giant will be installing their Makeup Genius app on what they’re calling digital terminals, so you can try the app before you download that too.

Study: Facebook Advertising Positively Impacts Paid Search Performance

[Source: Kenshoo]

A recent study released by Kenshoo reveals that Facebook advertising has a direct effect on paid search performance and that the cross-channel impact increases as the investment ratio of Facebook to paid search spending rises. Kenshoo analyzed recent paid search performance for the leading global information services company, Experian, in which certain segments of the target audience were exposed to both paid search and various levels of Facebook advertising while others were exposed to paid search alone.

Key findings include:

Facebook advertising directly and positively impacts paid search performance. Conversion volume increased significantly, driven by improvement in other key performance metrics. For the three groups exposed to Facebook advertising, on average:

  • Total conversions increased 19%
  • Conversion rate increased 11%
  • Cost per acquisition decreased 10%

The level of spend on Facebook advertising correlates to the effect on paid search performance. There is clear evidence that the cross-channel effects of Facebook advertising on paid search strengthen when the ratio of Facebook spend between the two channels rises:

  • Paid search total conversions rise along with the level of investment in Facebook advertising
  • Paid search clicks increased as more consumers were exposed to Facebook advertising

There exists a “sweet spot” for leveraging the most effective cross-channel impact. An “activation effect” emerged from this test between low and mid-level groups in Facebook advertising spend, but the smaller gains between mid and high-levels indicate additional spending may not yield proportionate levels of improvement.

“Consumers interact with brands as part of a fluid conversation, regardless of where, when, and how they engage with paid, owned and earned media. In their eyes, there’s no distinction between channels, devices, and promotions,” said Aaron Goldman, CMO of Kenshoo. “This study proves that brands willing to adopt a similar thought process and forego the traditional siloed approach to digital marketing can reap significant cross-channel benefits between Facebook and paid search. While the actual sweet spot in terms of investment will vary for each advertiser, it’s clear that one exists and it’s imperative for marketers to find it.”

“This is more great research that shows how Facebook and search work better together,” says Blake Chandlee, VP Global Partnerships at Facebook. ”One more time we see that Facebook makes search work harder. So it’s our hope that marketers who manage paid search see the potential to improve performance by adding Facebook to the mix. Search is a powerful medium for capturing intent and Facebook is a proven platform for driving more people to search and buy.”

You can find the whole report here.

Image via Kenshoo


Digital Marketing News: Nordstrom Using Technology to Drive Growth

Digital marketing news, trends and tips brought to you by Customer Insight Group, Inc.

Highlighted below are some of the latest Digital Marketing emerging trends, articles, research and news we found share-worthy.

Gap_Reserve in StoresShoppers can hold up to five pieces of merchandise at U.S. stores until closing the next day without any obligation to make a purchase. The chains aim to close the gap between merchandise displayed online and what’s carried in stores. Read more



ABERCROMBIE TONES DOWN NIGHTCLUB VIBE TO WIN BACK TEENS Jeffries and his team described plans to appeal to a new generation of teens by toning down the stores’ nightclub vibe, minimizing the chain’s signature logos and enlisting so-called Instagram kids in marketing. Read more

NORDSTROM — USING TECHNOLOGY TO FIGHT FOR GROWTH Nordstrom remains focused on its defining organizational characteristic—service. Read more

WHAT ADVERTISING WILL LOOK LIKE IN 2020 Where should marketers and brands place bets over the next five years? What is hype over substance? Read more

IMPROVING CUSTOMER TARGETING AND PERSONALIZATION THROUGH SOCIAL IDENTITY The contextual insight available in social media offers an opportunity to better know and engage audiences with compelling, personalized content and experiences across channels. Read more

RETAILERS TURN TO SMARTPHONES TO TRACK CUSTOMER SHOPPING HABITS An e-tailer can tell how many times a customer has visited its website, what items they browsed and recommend products based on demographics. Now, owners of traditional stores can have a glimpse into the same type of data. Read more


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White Castle Launches Social Media Contest

[Source: PRNewswire]

white_castle_social_media_marketing_contestWhite Castle has launched a social media promotion called the #CraveMobile Contest. The contest gives Cravers, the company’s most loyal fans, the chance to win a visit from the Crave Mobile, White Castle’s mobile food truck, for a party with 50 friends.

White Castle’s #CraveMobile Contest runs from May 28 through midnight on July 31, 2014. Entering to win is as simple as one, two, three:

  1. Cravers log into one of three social media sites: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  2. Explain why they deserve to win a Crave Mobile party and attach a photo or video to enhance their explanation
  3. Submit their entry by using the hashtag #CraveMobile

“After almost a century of serving up sliders, our fans have proven time and time again that The Crave is a Powerful Thing™. From White Castle weddings to tattoos to more than 500,000 requests to bring the Castle to them, our loyal fans have some extreme stories about what they will do to satisfy their crave and show how powerful it can be,” said Jaime Richardson, Vice President, White Castle. “That’s why we are inviting all our fans to capture what makes their memorable moment stand out and why they truly deserve to win.”

Richardson reiterated, “We know there are Cravers out there who were introduced to White Castle at a young age and cannot imagine their life without our sliders. But we also know there is a generation of people who might not have had the opportunity yet. We see this contest as the chance to unleash the power of the crave to new and old Cravers alike and to ignite a slider passion throughout the country.” Read more


Infographic: Why Social Media Marketing

Did you know that that 78% of small businesses attract new customers through social media? The ability to attract fans in social media relies on quality content that is both informative and engaging. This infographic show incredible statistics that reveal why social media has become an important element in your marketing mix.

  • 83% of marketers say social media is important for their business. [Tweet this stat]
  • 68% of consumers check out companies on social networking sites before buying. [Tweet this stat]
  • 46% of web users turn to social media for making purchases. [Tweet this stat]
  • 78% of small businesses attract new customers through social media. [Tweet this stat]
  • 90% of companies state social media is most effective in building brand reputation and awareness. [Tweet this stat]
  • 60% of consumers say integration of social media makes them more likely to share products. [Tweet this stat]
  • 71% that receive a quick brand response on social media are likely to recommend that brand to others. [Tweet this stat]
  • 52% of marketers have found a customer via Facebook. [Tweet this stat]



What do you think of these stats? How are you using social media marketing to reach your customers, build brand awareness and engage fans?