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Facebook Stats Social Media Marketers Need to Know

Facebook is constantly evolving and its algorithm is always getting updated. How can you be sure your keeping up with the changes?  We’ve pulled together the most up-to-date insights and Facebook stats to help you transform and refine your Facebook strategy.



Stats You Need to Know about Consumers and Facebook

  • On average as of March 2013 Facebook had 665 million active users, up 26% from 526 million DAUs on average in March 2012. (Facebook 2013)
  • Americans like an average of 70 brand pages. (Source: Socialbakes Notes 2013)
  • More than 95% of Facebook users log into their account every day. (Source: Social Media Today, 2013)
  • Over 5 million Facebook users are under the age of ten. This is a new demographic that is being tapped by social media marketers. (Source: Social Media Today, 2013)
  • Moms are the biggest supporters of branding on Facebook. (Source: Content Factory)
  • There are 1.26 billion Facebook users. (Source: Expanded Ramblings)
  • Average number of page likes per Facebook user is 40. (Source: Expanded Ramblings)

Businesses Use Facebook to Achieve Business Goals

  • 50 Million Facebook pages. (Source: Expanded Ramblings)
  • 36  – Average number of monthly posts per Facebook page. (Source: Expanded Ramblings)
  • 16 Million local business Facebook pages as of May 2013, up 100% from 8 million in June 2012 (Facebook 2013)
  • Companies ignore 70% of Facebook questions. When Facebook fans post their questions online, only 30% of them receive answers. (Source: Content Factory)
  • There are more than 15 million business pages on Facebook. (Source: Venture Beat)
  • 75% of your post’s audience sees your post in less than 2 hours. (Source: Wisemetrics, 2013)
  • 645 million  – Average number of weekly local business pages views. (Source: Expanded Ramblings)
  • 1 million Facebook advertisers. (Source: Expanded Ramblings)

Facebook Delivers Measurable Results

  • Average ecommerce order value from Facebook referral is $85.87. (Source: Expanded Ramblings)
  • The number of businesses that say Facebook is critical or important to their business has increased by 75%. (Source: State of Inbound Marketing, 2012)
  • 54% of marketers gained a new customer through Facebook this year alone. (Source: Social Media Today)

Wondering how to quickly build a Facebook fan base? Looking for some helpful tips and tricks that could get your posts more notice in the Facebook News Feed? Click here for some helpful tips to help you get more likes, fans, fan engagement and customers on Facebook.

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Nissan Launches “Keep Summer Rolling Service Sweepstakes®”

[Source: BusinessWire]Nissan_Sweepstakes

Nissan launched its 7th annual Nissan Keep Summer Rolling Service Sweepstakes®. The goal of the campaign is to deliver a unique experience to Nissan customers and inject some fun into an errand often considered a chore, with prizes including the chance to win one of three new Nissan vehicles.

“Vehicle maintenance rarely tops the list of preferred activities for any owner. Our Nissan Keep Summer Rolling Service Sweepstakes® brings new life and excitement to ownership and highlights the importance of regular service,” said Kent O’Hara, vice president, Aftersales, Nissan North America, Inc. “Nissan is committed to customer and vehicle service excellence. With factory-trained technicians, advanced diagnostics, and genuine parts and service as their pillars, dealers pledge to provide an unparalleled customer experience to each and every owner.”

The Nissan Keep Summer Rolling Service Sweepstakes® is open to Nissan owners or lessees and is running at more than 1,000 dealerships in the United States. The campaign also features mobile and social aspects, incorporating on-the-go prize opportunities via Facebook and Pinterest. Learn more


Social media is a conversation. So let’s talk. Learning about social media marketing? Read all about it! Here’s our social media blog.

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Essential Tips For Using Twitter for Business and Marketing

Tweeting is about more than just dashing off one-liners in 140 characters or less. To be successful, you need to know all the ins and outs of Twitter. Here are ten Twitter best practices that will help your business get an edge over your competitors.


  1. Create Compelling Content – Your most valuable asset is the information you provide and it can be the deciding factor in enticing followers. Share articles, pictures and behind-the-scenes information about your company.
  2. Tweet Frequently – The average brand tweets 4.422 times per day. Those that tweet more frequently catch readers at different times of day and gain more followers.
  3. Engage in a Conversation – You won’t succeed in building your Twitter relationships by pushing out one-way marketing messages about your product. Instead ask questions, retweet and publicly reply to compelling tweets posted by your followers and customers.
  4. Make it Easy to Follow – Ideally, your website should feature an easy-to-notice link to your Twitter account “above the fold” (visible without scrolling down) on each page of your website.
  5. Respond – Answer compliments and provide feedback in real time.
  6. Build Your Brand – Your profile, bio and Twitter background should be consistent with your company’s website, and easy for followers to connect with you on other channels.
  7. Make Keywords a Habit – Use keywords in your tweets to send a consistent signal that tells others who you are, how you want to connect with them and what you want to talk about.
  8. Don’t Forget the Hashtag  – Adding a hashtags before keywords in your tweets makes it easier for users looking to join a specific conversation, or for specific information. It’s recommend using 2-3 hashtags max in your posts on Twitter.
  9. Call to Action – Add a call to action to your tweet by giving clear directions, providing an incentive to click and by including a deadline.
  10. Let Your Brand Personality Shine – Social media is social, so mix up the serious and add something personal and fun to the mix.

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Chevron Delo Announces “Pick-Up Your Truck” Sweepstakes

[Source: BusinessWire]ChevronDelo_Sweepstakes

Last week Chevron Delo announced the “Pick-Up Your Truck” sweepstakes, which offers participants a chance to win a 2014 Ford F-250 Diesel Truck and other prizes.

“Now in its fourth year, our annual sweepstakes is designed to reward the hard-working and recreational lifestyle of our customers,” said Jim Gambill, North America Commercial and Industrial Brands Manager, Chevron Products Company. “This is the first year a diesel truck has been the grand prize, and the Ford F-250, with its reliability and strong performance, is a great fit for the Delo brand. We’re confident the winner will enjoy this truck however they use it – at home or on the job.”

The Delo Pick-Up Your Truck Sweepstakes prizes include:

  • Grand Prize: 2014 Ford F-250 Diesel Truck, valued at approximately $54,000
  • First Prize: Delo Gift Pack that contains a Delo Tool Bag, Toolkit, Bobble Head, Towel and $50 Gift Card (10 awarded), valued at $150 each

The Delo Pick-Up Your Truck sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the United States and Canada who are considered legal adults in their state or province at the commencement of the sweepstakes on August 1, 2014. No purchase required to participate in sweepstakes. Learn more

 [Photo source: ChevronDelo]


Social media is a conversation. So let’s talk. Learning about social media marketing? Read all about it! Here’s our social media blog. Check out our social media infographs here. Get your free no-obligation personalized social media grade today.


Ultimate List of Twitter Stats

We’ve combed through the hottest new social media research to shed light on the scale, impact, and potential value of engaging customers and prospects with Twitter.

Whether you plan to use these stats to convince your CEO to increase your social media marketing budget, inspire your company’s next Twitter campaign or simply justify your current social marketing activities, these Twitter statistics are for you.Twitter_Stats


  • More than 60% of Twitter users log into their account every day.  (Source: Social Media Today, 2013)
  • The fastest growing demographic on Twitter is the 55–64 year age bracket. (Source: Buffer)
  • Twitter has over approximately 1 billon registered users. (Source: Expanded Ramblings)
  • 36 million unique monthly visitors. (Source: Expanded Ramblings)
  • 300 billion tweets have been sent. (Source: Expanded Ramblings)
  • 231.7 million monthly active users. (Source: Expanded Ramblings)
  • 100 million daily active users. . (Source: Expanded Ramblings)
  • On average, users spend 170 minutes on the site each month and have 208 followers. (Source: Social Media Today)
  • 80% of its users accessing the site via a mobile device. (Source: Social Media Today)
  •  Users spends 170 minutes on Twitter each month. (Source: Social Media Today)
  • 76% of Twitter users log in at least once a day. (Source: The Buntin Group)
  • 51% of active Twitter users follow companies, brands or products on social networks. (via Edison)
  • Twitter users who mostly use a mobile device are 181% more likely to be on Twitter during their commute. These users are also 119% more likely to use Twitter during work or school hours. (Source: Buffer)


  • 63% of brands use multiple Twitter accounts. (Source: Social Media Today)
  • 85% of B2B marketers use Twitter. (Source: Expanded Ramblings)
  • The majority of large marketers (60%) now use Twitter for various business objectives. (Source: Mashable)
  • Only 19% of brands tweet on the weekends. (Source: Buffer)
  • 70% of small businesses are on Twitter. (via MediaBistro)
  • Twitter is the most popular platform in B2B, with 85% of marketers saying they use this. LinkedIn is a close second at 82%. (Marketing Pilgrim)


  • Twitter engagement for brands is 17% higher on weekends. (Source: Buffer)
  • Tweets with image links get 2x the engagement rate of those without. (Source: Buffer)
  • Tweets with less than 100 characters get 17% more engagement. (Source: Buffer)
  • Tweets with hashtags get 2x more engagement, tweets with one or two hashtags have 21% higher engagement than those with three or more hashtags. (Source: Buffer)
  • Your tweets have a 12x higher chance of being retweeted if you ask for it, and 23x higher if you actually spell out the word “retweet”. (Source: Buffer)
  • Tweets that include links are 86% more likely to be retweeted. (Source: Buffer)
  • Close to 80% follow a brand to get exclusive content. (via MediaBistro)
  • Twitter shoppers go to 3 pages per visit (via Job Stock)
  • 85% of people say they feel more connected to the business after they follow them. (via Twitter)
  • Twitter users visit B2B tech brand sites at a higher rate (59%) compared to average Internet users (40%). (via Twitter)
  • Twitter users exposed to B2B tech brand Tweets are more likely to convert. (via Twitter)
  • 36% of businesses gaining a new customer through Twitter. (Source: Social Media Today)
  • 67% of Twitter users are far more likely to buy from the brands they follow on Twitter. (via MediaBistro)
  • 37% of Twitter users will purchase from a brand they follow. (via MediaBistro)
  • Offline sales increased by 29% when using a promoted tweet. (via Hubspot)

Wondering how to quickly build a Twitter following? Looking for some helpful tips and tricks that could get your brand on Twitter more attention? Click here for some helpful tips to help you attract more followers and customers on Twitter.

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Latest Digital Marketing News: Old Navy Native Advertising, Starwood’s Social Customer Service

Digital marketing news, trends and tips brought to you by Customer Insight Group, Inc.

Highlighted below are some of the latest Digital Marketing emerging trends, articles, research and news we found share-worthy.

oldnavy_advertisingWhether or not you think native advertising is all buzz and no bite, one thing is clear: Banner ads have a less than a 1% click-through rate, which means many brand advertisers are on the lookout for a new solution. Retailer Old Navy, whose predominantly teen audience would most certainly roll its collective eyes at a performance-based banner, is looking to take advantage of the native trend. Read more


Josh Bernoff, coauthor of the pivotal book on social media, Groundswell, describes himself on Twitter as a “Forrester analyst, idea developer and troublemaker. Read more


We asked retailers and agencies at the Digiday Retail Summit in Deer Valley, Utah, for their takes on the biggest mistakes retailers make in social media. Read more


Target, struggling to attract customers, has taken the wraps off its first TargetExpress, a small concept it hopes will be a big hit with Gen Y. Read more


After years of telling agencies that “likes” and “followers” would revolutionize advertising, social media is now being measured by metrics such as brand lift, purchase intent, click-through and sales. If those sound familiar, they should: They’re how most brand marketing is measured. Read more


Writing for a website is different from other kinds of writing. You have to make it short, sweet, and explanatory—and focus on communicating benefits, benefits, benefits. Oh, and also make sure you nail down relevant keywords and scatter them enough (but not too much) in the text. Read more


When it comes to caring for hotel customers on Twitter, Starwood Hotels and Resorts is one of the quickest hotel brands by response time. Read more


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Content Marketing Stats to Justify Your Efforts

We’ve created a list of the most important content marketing statistics from the latest, high-quality research reports. Topics covered range from content marketing’s impact on business to consumer usage, and far beyond.

Content Marketing Statistics

Stats You Need to Know about Customers and Content

  • Because 61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content, and they are also more likely to buy from that company. (Source: Custom Content Council)
  • Content is one of the top 3 reasons people follow brands on social media. (Source: Content+)
  • 90% of consumers find custom content useful and 78% believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them. (TMG Custom Media)
  • 87% of buyers say online content has a major or moderate impact on vendor preference and selection; but 43% say “blatantly self-promotional” content is a major turn off. (Source: B2B Marketing Insider)

Businesses use Content Marketing to Achieve Business Goals

  • 62% of companies today outsource their content marketing — that’s up 7% from last year! (Source: Mashable)
  • Nine in ten B2B organizations market with content. (Source: Content Marketing Institute survey)
  • 44% of B2B marketers have a documented content strategy (Source: Content Marketing Institute survey)
  • 58% of B2B marketers plan to increase their content marketing budget over the next 12 months, up from 54 percent last year. (Source: Content Marketing Institute survey)
  • On average marketers spend more than 25% of their budget on content marketing. (Source: eConsultancy)
  • Content marketing Leaders plan to increase content marketing related program spend by an average of 31% (Source: Aberdeen)
  • 92% of marketers believe that content creation is either “very” or “somewhat” effective for SEO. (Source: Leaderswest Digital Marketing Journal)
  • On average, 25% of marketing budgets are now spent on content development, delivery and promotion. (Source: B2B Marketing Insider)
  • 54% of B2B marketers plan to increase spending on content marketing in 2014. (Source: MyCustomer.com)
  • 77% of B2B marketers use a blog as part of their content marketing mix, and 70% use online video. (Social Media Today)
  • B2B companies with blogs generate 67% more leads per month on average than non-blogging firms. (Source: Social Media B2B)

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Choice Hotels Launches #VacayGoneCrayCray Social Media Contest


Choice Hotels International in introducing a summer promotion in honor of its 75th anniversary called #VacayGoneCrayCray, which will award one participant a $10,000 grand prize for a vacation do-over on a past trip gone awry.

Popular YouTube entertainers Rhett & Link have signed on to judge the competition. Participants can submit their entry for most extreme vacation misadventures to their Youtube channel or the microsite set up by Choice Hotels. Rhett & Link will reenact the terrible vacations on their YouTube channel.

“Every traveler has a story about a vacation or business trip that didn’t necessarily go according to plan,” Robert McDowell, senior vice president of marketing and distribution at Choice Hotels, said in a press release. “Through the #VacayGoneCrayCray contest, Choice Hotels can help turn those crazy misadventures back into positive memories.”

The entry deadline to partake in the contest is Aug. 27. The winners will be announced in September.

Looking for a social media marketing agency or just need specific industry insights…let’s talk.

[Source: Choice Hotels]

Infographic: Statistics that Prove the Value of Content

Did you know that 61% of consumers feel better about a company that delivers custom content?  Social media is all about dialogue — conversations taking place online 24/7 with countless numbers of people involved, potentially all over the world. The stats below show the importance and value of content:


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Infographic: Pinterest Stats Brands Should Know About

Since its launch in March of 2010, Pinterest has shown explosive growth and there are no signs of it slowing down. Here’s some stats that retailer’s should know about Pinterest.

  • Pinterest generates 4x more revenue (per click) than Twitter. [Tweet this stat]
  • Pins are said to drive 2 site visits and 6 page views, on average, while generating more than 10 repins. [Tweet this stat]
  • 47% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from Pinterest. [Tweet this stat]
  • Pinterest generates 27% more revenue (per click) than Facebook. [Tweet this stat]
  • Over 80% of pins are repined. [Tweet this stat]
  • Call-to-Action pin descriptions see an 80% increase in engagement. [Tweet this stat]
  • Pinterest accounts for 25% of all retail referral traffic. [Tweet this stat]
  • Conversion rates for Pinterest traffic are 50% higher than conversion rates from other traffic. [Tweet this stat]
  • Pinterest referrals spend 70% more than visitors from non-social channels including search. [Tweet this stat]



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