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Southwest’s Rapid Rewards Program is Customer Favorite

A newly released survey conducted by Airfarewatchdog names Southwest Airlines’ Rapid Rewards the customer favorite when it comes to frequent flyer programs. Airfarewatchdog conducted a survey of over 1,500 readers asking them which was their favorite airline loyalty program. Southwest’s Rapid Rewards program earned 32% of the vote. That’s almost double the second-place finisher, Delta’s […]

Loyalty Programs Excel with Right Mix of Program Benefits

With more than 20 years of experience in developing and enhancing customer loyalty programs for companies like The Bon Ton, Dick Sporting Goods and others, we know how important it is to use a customer-centric approach to align and deliver value that is meaningful, timely and mutually beneficial to the customer and ultimately the company […]

Customer Loyalty Programs: Stats, Facts and Tips for 2014

By the numbers, loyalty marketers have some challenges and opportunities in 2014. Marketers need to address increased competition for share of wallet, declining active member participation and greater consumer expectations. 26.7% growth in the number of U.S. loyalty programs from 2010 to 2012. (Colloquy) 55% of organizations with employee engagement rates of more than 50% that have […]

The Buzz: Why Money Can’t Buy Loyalty, New Omnichannel Study & More

  Below is our roundup of the latest noteworthy customer relationship marketing news, article, information and trends. Why Money Can’t Buy Customer Loyalty!  Loyalty starts long before your customer buys anything. Proper planning and goal setting is key for the development of every consumer-facing initiative. Read more What Does 2014 Have in Store for Marketers? […]

By the Numbers: Recent Stats

These recent statistics caught our eye. What do these numbers say to you?
85% of loyalty program members polled report that they haven’t heard a single word from a loyalty program since the day they signed up.

Customer Loyalty: Less of a gamble with these eight best practices

Call it the loyalty craze. According to Jupiter Research, more than 75 percent of consumers now have at least one loyalty card, and the number of people with two or more is estimated to be one-third of the shopping population. Information technology analysts suggest the data-for-dollars explosion is a strategy that represents a multi-billion dollar […]

Loyalty Marketing News & Education

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Retailers Improve Online Customer Experience

The current economic climate finds the retail sector battling to sustain their business under intense financial pressure. Consumers have so much choice available to them that retailers must make sure they offer customers the choice of shopping via multiple channels so they can buy goods in the preferred way. Retailers like Lands’ End, Abercrombie & […]

Customer Loyalty Programs: 20 Tips to Increase Customer Loyalty

Businesses appreciate every sale but a sale made to a repeat customer is a virtual seal of approval. Customer loyalty keeps businesses running and is very sought after. What is it, however, that gains and maintains customer loyalty? Basically it is making and keeping the customer happy, (customer satisfaction). There are many ways you can […]

10 Tips for Building Customer Loyalty

Sustaining a loyal client base is one of the biggest challenges that businesses face each day. You may have hundreds of competitors, so how can you market your product to obtain consumer loyalty? Consumer loyalty comes from attaching a certain perceived value to your product in the mind of your consumer. In order to create […]