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Kohl’s Integrates Loyalty Program Within Apple Pay

Kohl’s Department Stores recently announced it will bring Apple Pay, which has transformed mobile payments with the easy, secure and private way to pay, to customers in all Kohl’s stores nationwide this fall. Kohl’s will also be among the first retailers to integrate both its Kohl’s Charge private credit card as a form of payment as well as its successful […]

Consumers Save With Fuel Rewards Coalition Loyalty Program

With the Fuel Rewards national coalition loyalty program, consumers are saving an average of 25 cents a gallon on fuel – nearly $15.5 million a month. Consumers earn Fuel Rewards savings from 11,000 restaurants, 4,500 retail locations and more than 700 online merchants who participate in the Fuel Rewards loyalty program. Members redeem their rewards […]

Kellogg’s Improves Family Rewards Program

Kellogg’s has made changes to its Kellogg’s Family Rewards program. Members no longer need to enter codes found on the inside of packages, making it easier than ever for people to collect points and earn rewards.  Plus, more Kellogg brands are participating in the program, so more purchases than ever provide points which may be […]

New Loyalty Program Allows Players to Earn PUCK BUCKS

Canlan Ice Sports Corp. announced the launch of Puck Bucks, a mobile-based loyalty program for members of Canlan’s Adult Safe Hockey League (ASHL). Members can use their smartphone to flash their mobile loyalty card at any Thirsty Penguin Grillhouse location in Canlan ice rinks to earn a minimum of 5% of their purchase back in […]

Marketing Segmentation Gives Marketers an Edge in the Market Place

Today, more than ever before, marketers recognize the need for targeted marketing. Consumers receive so many messages on a daily basis that they are forced to quickly identify and filter out irrelevant messages. Marketers are now left with the tough job of quickly enticing an individual before they decide the message is not worth their […]

Study: 62% of Millennials Feel Online Content Drives Brand Loyalty

A recent study revealed that 62% of millennials feel online content drives brand loyalty and 32% find today’s brand communications helpful. The study, called The Millennial Mind: How Content Drives Brand Loyalty, revealed that content must be educational, truthful and personalized to influence brand loyalty and purchase behaviors in this age group. The study surveyed […]

Target Quietly Launches New Loyalty Program

Target is testing a new rewards program that gives shoppers 5 percent off on a shopping trip, each time they spend $500 at the discount store. The loyalty program called REDperks is being tested is an app-based mobile program that is “currently available only by invitation in select markets,” according to Target’s REDperks website. Shoppers […]

Baskin-Robbins Updates Customer Loyalty Program

Baskin-Robbins will unveil an online ordering system and digitally driven customer loyalty program this year.  The brand is integrating its current Club 31 member databases into the new platform. Members will have the choice of using a traditional card or the mobile app in-store, and can access an online membership portal. The ice-cream brand’s local […]

Key Elements of Successful Customer Loyalty Programs

Do loyalty programs really work? Can a loyalty program change customer’s purchase behavior and get them to spend more money with a company? Can loyalty programs reduce the likelihood that customers will move their business to a competitor? The answer to all three questions is yes. There is, as you would guess a caveat. Marketers […]

Loyalty Programs Excel with Right Mix of Program Benefits

With more than 20 years of experience in developing and enhancing customer loyalty programs for companies like The Bon Ton, Dick Sporting Goods and others, we know how important it is to use a customer-centric approach to align and deliver value that is meaningful, timely and mutually beneficial to the customer and ultimately the company […]