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Big Data Was All The Rage. What’s Next?

Now that marketers have so much more data, they want to use the data to become more customer centric. Fifty-three percent of marketers surveyed stated a need to be more customer centric and 9 in 10 say individualized marketing is a priority. See the 2015 Global Data-Driven Marketing Survey conducted by Teradata for additional information. […]

Omnichannel Retailing: The Opportunity for Retailers

Target continues to builds its omnichannel business. EVP merchandising and supply chain Kathryn Tesija said that Cartwheel — an app the company began piloting in May and launched in June, which allows customers to use mobile phones to find and share deals on Facebook and search for deals while shopping in the stores — already had more […]

When Loyalty Programs Go Wrong

It used to be that loyalty programs were pretty easy to design. Focus on rewarding the top tier and call it a day. But customers and buying behaviors have evolved, and it’s time that marketers changed their ways, lest they alienate the very customers they seek to reward. Here are just a few trouble spots […]

Gadgets Trump Auto Brands for Gen Y Loyalty

Times have changed and a new study shows that automotive brand loyalty is on the decline, while consumers simultaneously show a new love for the latest multimedia technology.

Saks Looks to Harness Arsenal of Digital Marketing Tools for 2012 Success

The National Retail Federation predicts overall retail sales will grow just 2.8 percent this holiday season, but some luxury retailers have their sights set higher, in part to their amped-up digital marketing efforts.

Six Signs Your Loyalty Program Needs a Refresh

Wouldn’t it be nice if your loyalty program always seemed as shiny and new as the first day you rolled it out? Keeping your program fresh and relevant to your customers should remain an ongoing objective if your goal is long-term success. Here are six signs that your program needs a refresh.

Facebook’s Recent Changes Give Marketers New Toys

If your social marketing efforts have been all about getting your customers to “Like” you, then the time has come to think bigger. Recent changes to the social media powerhouse have given marketers something to sink their teeth into.

Groupon Launches Loyalty Program

Groupon launches Groupon Rewards, a loyalty program designed to make it easy for their merchants to reward repeat customers and forge long-lasting relationships with them. Consumers will like how it turns their credit card into a loyalty card and they don’t have to worry about signing up, checking in, etc. Consumers unlock rewards once they reach a designated spending level with a merchant. While Groupon’s foundation firmly rests in customer acquisition, this new program shows the value that retention loyalty programs can bring to the marketing table.

Marketing when Recession strikes: Are we still there? Does it even matter?

Even if you made a choice 18 months ago to pare back on the ad and marketing budget, it’s not too late to minimize the damage. Companies that increase ad/marketing budgets during a recession-recovery phase can still yield long-term dividends in terms of profitability and market share.

Targeted ads going into online bank statements

“If people are going to get turned off by more relevant ads, perhaps we’ve finally found an online marketing privacy breach that customers won’t ignore.”