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P.F. Chang’s Launches Loyalty Program

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Inc. launched a digital customer loyalty program that simplifies rewards for frequent diners. As part of the fully digital customer loyalty program that rewards diners for satisfying their culinary curiosity, P.F. Chang’s Preferred members will enjoy exclusive benefits and earn points for every dollar spent at P.F. Chang’s. “With P.F. Chang’s […]

Quotes on Loyalty to Inspire Marketers

Quotes On Loyalty Marketers Can Live By Here are quotes on loyalty from journalists, authors, politicians and business leaders that will help motivate you to create a differentiated customer loyalty program that will give you more insight into the customer, leverage the customer insight to increase the sales of undersold and/or highly profitable customers and increase customer retention and purchase […]

Inspirational Loyalty Quotes

Loyalty quotes to leave you inspired. These loyalty quotes come from business leaders like Bill Gates, authors and others who have thought long and hard about how not just meeting customers expectations but exceeding them has a significant impact on customer loyalty. The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations. ~ Roy H. […]

Five Customer Loyalty Tips

Loyalty programs when leveraged to there fullest have the opportunity to drive revenue growth, brand advocacy and maximize customer lifetime value. Yet, marketers continue to barrage consumers with irrelevant messages, low value rewards and impersonal social media engagements. What’s worse – large percent of companies don’t have a strategy for identifying their best customers and […]

Kohl’s Integrates Loyalty Program Within Apple Pay

Kohl’s Department Stores recently announced it will bring Apple Pay, which has transformed mobile payments with the easy, secure and private way to pay, to customers in all Kohl’s stores nationwide this fall. Kohl’s will also be among the first retailers to integrate both its Kohl’s Charge private credit card as a form of payment as well as its successful […]

Consumers Save With Fuel Rewards Coalition Loyalty Program

With the Fuel Rewards national coalition loyalty program, consumers are saving an average of 25 cents a gallon on fuel – nearly $15.5 million a month. Consumers earn Fuel Rewards savings from 11,000 restaurants, 4,500 retail locations and more than 700 online merchants who participate in the Fuel Rewards loyalty program. Members redeem their rewards […]

Kellogg’s Improves Family Rewards Program

Kellogg’s has made changes to its Kellogg’s Family Rewards program. Members no longer need to enter codes found on the inside of packages, making it easier than ever for people to collect points and earn rewards.  Plus, more Kellogg brands are participating in the program, so more purchases than ever provide points which may be […]

Study: Are App Frustrations Loyalty Crushers?

While a slow checkout line, an awkward return process or a snarky sales associate can play havoc with consumer loyalty, a poor app experience can be equally detrimental, argues CA Technologies. Declaring brand loyalty now has a “six-second shelf life,” the software maker concluded in a new report that brands not delivering a positive application […]

Corinthia Hotels Announces Rewards Program

Corinthia Hotels rewarding customers who book their stays online directly through their website. Corporate and leisure guests booking through corinthia.com can earn rewards from free room upgrades and complimentary late checkouts to discounted meals and spa treatments at the European hotels. Guests booking through corinthia.com will also be given the chance to ‘Win Back Your […]

New Loyalty Program Allows Players to Earn PUCK BUCKS

Canlan Ice Sports Corp. announced the launch of Puck Bucks, a mobile-based loyalty program for members of Canlan’s Adult Safe Hockey League (ASHL). Members can use their smartphone to flash their mobile loyalty card at any Thirsty Penguin Grillhouse location in Canlan ice rinks to earn a minimum of 5% of their purchase back in […]