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You can spend time and money sending your staff off to a conference and hope they return enlightened, filled with all the knowledge you seek and willing to spend time bringing everyone else up to speed. Now imagine spending the same money, but instead bringing a customized loyalty marketing workshop right to your doorstep that gets everyone on your team engaged and educated. You’ll find this tailored approach to be more personal, interactive and effective in bringing your entire team along the loyalty-marketing journey.

Need an update on industry trends? Want a sneak peek at the best practices in loyalty initiatives? Or maybe you just want a refresher course for your whole team. Our custom loyalty workshop can be configured as a half-day, full-day or two-day event to best meet your needs.

Half Day Workshop

Bring your team together for a custom loyalty marketing workshop that ensures everyone knows what needs to be done to create a defensible, sustainable customer loyalty program. If you need an update on industry trends, a best practices overview or a “refresher course” this session is ideal for you and your team.

Full Day or Two Day Workshop

If you’re taking your first steps in exploring loyalty marketing, the full-day or two-day workshop will provide the knowledge and understanding you need to move forward with confidence to create a loyalty program that delivers meaningful benefits to the customers that yield the most profitable results. Our most intensive two-day workshop provides solid direction by helping you:

  • Define loyalty marketing
  • Identify key trends within your industry and competitors programs
  • Determine how a loyalty program can help you achieve your business objectives
  • Know what works and what doesn’t — best practices give you a competitive advantage
  • Plan exit strategies
  • Understand metrics for financial planning
  • Be aware of the impact of program structure on technology requirements and support

See for Yourself
View our sample Loyalty Workshop agenda. We can customize a workshop to fit your needs and time availability.

Need to justify a loyalty program to your CEO and management. Here are 8 benefits of a loyalty program.

Learning about loyalty marketing? Read all about it! Here’s our loyalty marketing blog. Our relationship has so much promise… let’s talk.

Did you know? That a 5% reduction in lost customers can increase profits by 75%? That’s just one of the many compelling statistics you’ll find in our loyalty infographs. Check it out!

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