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HTML 5 is making mobile site design better

Mobile Design Trends As the increase in the number of mobile users is always going to be an upward trend, mobile site design needs to be an effective strategy that encourages customers to visit their site over the mobile phone repeatedly. Personalizing customer experience and differentiating site experience from competitors is the most important for Read more…

Leveraging Social Media to Create an Exceptional Customer Experience

The era of the empowered customer is upon us and companies are feeling the pressure to deliver not only a superior product or service but an exceptional customer experience as well. Social media lies at the center of this movement, providing companies with a surplus of data and information that (when translated effectively) can offer Read more…

How To Ask For A Raise The Right Way

DENVER (CBS4) – In the current economy most people are just grateful to have a job. Yet, despite layoffs and salary cuts many workers are still worthy of pay raises. The question is what can someone do to convince their boss to increase their salary? There is a right and wrong way to ask for Read more…