Get to know your customers, learn what they like, show them you listen. It’s a little give and take that results in trust – a priceless asset well worth the work. We’ll show you how.


What’s keeping your customers from being someone else’s customers? Employing proven loyalty strategies can make all the difference in keeping your relationships your own.


Grow your knowledge, keep your ear to the ground and stay on top of your relationships from every angle. Then use that new insight to grow profitable customer relationships and keep your customers out of competitors’ reach.

Loyalty Marketing

No matter where you are in your loyalty program journey, you'll find insight and direction from Customer Insight Group, Inc.

  • Systematic Loyalty Program - Design and implement your optimum customer loyalty strategy and begin connecting with your customers on a personal level that delivers bottom line results.
  • Loyalty Audit - Evaluate and re-energize your loyalty program for a deeper level of engagement that brings a boost to your program’s ROI.
  • Loyalty Navigator - Strategic consulting engagement points your loyalty strategy in the right direction, keeping you on target to continuously achieve your financial objectives.
  • Custom Loyalty Workshop - This private, interactive Loyalty Marketing Workshop creates a solid foundation for your loyalty strategy and brings actionable direction to achieve your goals.
  • Cause Marketing Navigator - Make the greater good part of your business objectives and simultaneously impact brand strength, consumer engagement and profitability.
  • Loyalty Marketing eBooks - With change coming faster than ever, our subject matter experts are challenged to stay ahead of the market and offer insights into "the next big thing" in loyalty marketing and customer engagement.

Social Media Marketing

Listen. Educate. Communicate. Join the conversation. But don't run and hide from this multi-directional connection powerhouse.

  • Social Media Roadmap - Let us show you how to leverage the unique properties of social media to achieve your specific business objectives by creating a tailored strategy and focused direction.
  • Social Media Navigator - We'll bring you up to speed on all things social media, then pull it all into focus with solid next-step direction to achieve your business objectives.
  • Custom Social Media Workshop - Private, interactive workshop integrates social media into your big picture, puts your whole team on the same page and smoothes the way for advancing your social media tactics.
  • Social Media Infographs - We've compiled the latest information and created infographs that can help you see the big picture.
  • Social Media Resource Guide - If you are new to social media or you're looking for benchmarks to know if you're on track, our Social Media Resource Guide will help bring you up to speed.
  • Social Media Grader - Find out how well your company stacks up on each of your social media channels and tips to help you harness social media to drive business. Get your grade today! There is no obligation and your social media grade is completely free — the feedback you'll receive will help ou get the results your business needs.